Reed Dewey Bio

I am grateful to have had a rewarding 30 year career as a senior manager with such organizations as AARP, Points of Light Foundation and Montgomery County Government where I ran national and local programs to engage people in service to the community.

A number of years ago I was running a local nonprofit field office, and felt restless. I was in my mid-fifties, and started thinking more about how many years left I had on the planet rather than how old I was. I wasn't feeling the same passion. The key question was "What do I really want at this point in my life/career?" and "Am I fully who I want to be?" I knew I had lots more to give and I was thankfully healthy but didn't have a future plan or anchor passion.

Through my own soul-searching, exploration with friends and professional help - I challenged my own limiting beliefs. I was able to refocus my life in a way that brings me satisfaction through coaching - and in other areas of my life. While I didn't realize it at the time, learning the skills of coaching helped me move more from focusing on " the doing" to who I was being. I slowed down, started meditating, and focused more on the life I already had. And in the process, I found myself more open to opportunities and being more comfortable with the journey rather than the end goal.

I find coaching very rewarding as I help clients navigate the many challenges and feelings that midlife brings up. I love seeing people grow and discover what really is important to them, then take action to make their intentions come true.

I see life as a continual journey and am getting better at making mistakes! I've been involved in men's personal growth work through the Mankind Project and have been in a men's group for 12 years. And while still not easy, I'm taking more risks and seizing more of each precious day.

I've been married for over 20 years. We've been part of an amazing group called Couples Coaching Couples for committed couples that want even more out of their relationship. We have one son who's now in college. I volunteer with a number of nonprofits, play tennis, guitar, lead sing-a-longs, love dancing and am an avid cycler. My stretch is to do stand-up comedy by the end of the year. My own coach is helping me on that one now!