7 Tips – Balancing Comfort with Moving Ahead

We all get stuck from time to time – especially during times of transition. There is that vulnerable place – when going through a change. It’s unsettling and uncertain.  We think we’re on the right track but there’s a part of us that wants to stay in the comfort zone – for better or for worse. And for those of us who are older, there are real costs in staying too safe. Contact me for a free inquiry session and to learn how to support positive personal change with my transitions with intention approach.

I like Jordan Tarver’s “7 Reasons to Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone.” They inspire me and I share them with clients from time to time. With years of COVID behind us, it makes sense that our transition muscles have weakened. 

  1. Take Risks to Promote Growth
  2. Find What You’re Passionate About
  3. Build Your “Change” Muscle
  4. Discover a New Side of Yourself
  5. Get In The Driver’s Seat of Life
  6. Increase Your Journey of Self-discovery
  7. Fuel Your Life With Confidence

Take Action: Now could be a good time to push through the comfort zone, take risks and reap the rewards for a life fully lived. Contact me to explore your encore. My rates are reasonable and I provide written follow up summaries for every session – unsual in coaching. Create an action plan and make progress. Call or drop me an email. I’ll share how I support clients in achieving success with my transition with intention approach. Complete the NEW (and free) What’s Next Assessment to find out how prepared you are for later life. And, download the 10 page Midlife Planner to explore all the options to later life and retirement.

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Reed Dewey

Reed is a transitions coach supporting those 50+ to prepare for what's next and turn dreams into reality.