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Reed offers individual and couples coaching - specializing in midlife transitions. For companies/organizations he provides the "What's Next" workshop, helping participants explore and plan ahead.

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    Retirement Readiness Assessments

    Participants complete an online profile assessing their retirement readiness across 20 lifestyle and attitudinal dimensions in six life arenas. The tool was developed by Richard P. Johnson, Ph.D., a world expert in nonfinancial planning through Retirement Options™.

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    Geared for community/civic groups. Reed provides an engaging and fun introductory 20-30 minute presentation on midlife transitions for employees and/or members of companies, government, clubs, and faith communities. Contact Reed to learn more.

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    One-Shot Seminars

    Reed also offers one-shot seminars that go over similar material to his other seminars and presentations, designed for individuals with less time on their hands.

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    Explorer Course

    This five-week live video program provides a cost-effective way for a group of participants to learn about midlife transitions. Participants take a retirement readiness assessment, and learn what their results mean, along with reading the insightful book What Color Is Your Retirement? by Richard Johnson, Ph.D., a leader in the field.

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A Good Time to Think about the Future…

Maybe the key these days is to think more about the future.  Here the world is, caught up in the horror of covid-19. It’s hard to get away from all the chatter from friends, media social media and even in our own homes. But research suggests that it’s a good idea to think about the …

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Tips on Getting Through Tough Times

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From Happiness To Well-Being…

As we go through life transitions what is a good way to look at how we want our life to look like?  For me, as I get older, I think more about how I can live my life as fully as possible, but what does that mean?  I’m reading Martin Seligman’s book Flourish and it’s about this …

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Keys to Making the Transition to What’s Next…

We all know family members and friends who seem to step into retirement or major later life challenges with apparent zest and excitement.  But, based on my own experience and working with clients, it’s more common to have fears and limiting beliefs about the future.  Life planning is the antidote to simply reacting to life.  …

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Are You on the Learner Path?

We all know Robert Frost’s “Two paths diverged in the wood” poem. He takes the one less traveled. For me it’s been more about being intentional about the path I want to take. To put it positively, when I’ve focused on what I want, more opportunities come my way. Marilee Adam’s book, Change your Questions, Change …

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Ways to Grow, Stay Connected & Get Stuff Done!

The pandemic has certainly forced us all into a major life transition that calls for coping strategies. Here are some ideas I’ve found helpful to adjust to the new normal that you may not have considered: Try new stuff. What hobbies or interests might you explore? You probably are already walking and jogging a lot …

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Could An Encore Career Be In Your Future?

Did you know that American workers are retiring at about the same age as in the 1970s, yet are living longer and healthier lives?  At the same time, defined pension plans are mostly a thing of the past.  And our 401Ks, especially now with the market – bring new uncertainty to our financial future.  For …

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Is Volunteering in Your Future?

Clients often come to me initially because they want to figure out what kind of volunteer or paid role they’d like to have after leaving their main career.  While it may sound easy, finding the right business or nonprofit that is a good fit takes time. For example, with nonprofits the opportunities to serve range from …

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There’s a Happiness Curve For Those 50 & Over!

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Oprah’s Personality Quiz for Insights…

Blogging sure is great for your business.
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