Midlife Transitions are Challenging.
Explore and Create the Life You Want.

Transition Expert

Reed specializes in helping people midlife and older achieve the life they want in such areas as career, retirement, relationships, health, community engagement, and life meaning. He holds two coaching certifications in non-financial retirement planning. Read More


Reed offers individual and couples coaching - specializing in midlife transitions. For companies/organizations he provides the "What's Next" workshop, helping participants explore and plan ahead. Read More

Tools & Resources

Reed's first priority is education and information on midlife transitions. Download his free What's Next Midlife Planner. Find the best books and links on transitions and retirement. Take the retirement wellness quiz. Read More

Workshops & Events

In-person and online workshops provide businesses and community groups with numerous and convenient ways to help participants explore their next chapter with validated assessment tools and peer engagement.
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