Are You on the Learner Path?

We all know Robert Frost’s “Two paths diverged in the wood” poem. He takes the one less traveled. For me it’s been more about being intentional about the path I want to take. To put it positively, when I’ve focused on what I want, more opportunities come my way. Marilee Adam’s book, Change your Questions, Change Your Life resonates with me. She came up with the “choice map” with the learner path (curiosity, open-minded, growth…) and the Judger Path (Why bother, didn’t work before…) We all carry limiting beliefs at one time or another about what we think isn’t possible. Looking at what I call our “auto-assumptions” and being able to question them has been a real gift for me… and my client. As we go through an ever more complicated – and now isolating life – how will I adjust and look for what could be, rather than assume my options are limited? What if there were opportunities in connecting with friends and colleagues that didn’t exist before the pandemic? Dr. Adams has a good article on the Learning/Judger paths that I encourage you to check out.

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Reed Dewey

Reed is a transitions coach supporting those 50+ to prepare for what's next and turn dreams into reality.