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Maybe you’re like me – longer term life goals seem far off and not easily attainable. Taking smaller steps and having mini successes has been helpful to me… and for my clients. The farther out one plans, the harder it is to follow through on desired goals/actions. Many of us have a hard time knowing where we want to be in five years, let alone in one year! When serving others, I find that exploring both the desired life dreams and shorter-term goals are equally important. goals/actions. 

Advantages Investing in Shorter Range Goals/Actions

  • Improved Focus: Shorter term goals help direct one’s focus on the daily/weekly/monthly planning. While overall longer term goals make sense, the “right here, right now” strategy is best directed at shorter actions/targets to help one take action on a regular basis  
  • Decreased Procrastination: Setting short-term goals encourages creating time-sensitive deadlines that are actionable and concrete. 
  • Feedback and Positive Reinforcement: Short-term goals provide one with consistent updates on progress and a reinforcing feedback loop that begets more action.
  • Results!: Keeping a journal or calendar helps one see progress by the day, week and month

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Reed Dewey

Reed is a transitions coach supporting those 50+ to prepare for what's next and turn dreams into reality.