Don’t Be Alone Outside Your Comfort Zone.

I know for me, most of my personal growth happens when I’m outside my comfort zone. My guess is… the same is true for you. Yet, instinctively our minds and bodies tell us to stay in comfort to reduce risk – yet this can lead to being stuck. If you’re in a life transition, while hard, it’s a good time to explore new ideas and ways of being. The Book Life Is In the Transitions by Bruce Feiler provides specific tips on getting through transitions. I’ve put together a useful one-pager of key points available HERE.

From my work as a transitions coach here are few things to consider when moving through change:    

  • Recognize that you’ve overcome life challenges before and you have the capacity to do it again.
  • Be OK with the “messy middle” of a transition, as the Modern Elder Academy likes to call it. Let yourself be open to looking at challenges in a new and different way. The link provides a great document on transitions.
  • Negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and assumptions can easily crop up during times of change. This is normal. A coach helps clients clarify what’s real and what’s not.
  • Share your transition challenges with friends who are good listeners. Your vulnerability will draw you closer. Talking to another person helps process change.

Moving Ahead

When going through a transition is a time to step back, reflect on what’s most important and courageously dream about what could be. Reach out to me to learn about my coaching approach and to see if it makes sense for you.  

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Reed Dewey

Reed is a transitions coach supporting those 50+ to prepare for what's next and turn dreams into reality.