Getting Unstuck – Through Momentum!

I’m stuck when I’m not taking some kind of action.  I keep looking for things to change, but thinking about it isn’t getting me there.  Funny how that happens.  Then, I can go to a place of feeling bad about not doing what I think I want to do.  Most of us have these thoughts and feelings when we’re stuck.  I honor clients who are working hard to get unstuck so they can get where they want to go.  Knowing when you’re stuck shows awareness. If you’re in this place now, you’re already making good headway! The article cited below has been useful in my work.

As part of my ongoing studies, I came across an article called, 3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Help You Get Unstuck in Life, by Elma Enan in the online publication Medium.  She addresses how we can learn to follow through and get unstuck.  Waiting to get motivated, Enan writes, is a nonstarter, furthering:

They say action leads to motivation, but I say action leads to momentum. The biggest factor in any success I’ve had in reaching goals has been momentum. Momentum leads to consistency. And consistency is a prerequisite to reaching any goal that takes longer than a day, i.e., all of them.” 

One way to build momentum is to create new habits that provide positive reinforcement.  We all know that self help books rarely help us make the big changes we desire.  Why?  It’s because we all need knowledge, experiences and new habits in order to change.  In short, getting out there and taking action. 

I love serving clients who are in this place of awareness and are looking to figure out the actions and habits they need to get unstuck.  It’s hard to do it on your own.  A book can’t help you actively look at your assumptions and beliefs, then support you in figuring out a path forward in a way that holds you accountable.   If you’re stuck – like we all get from time to time – contact me to set up a 20 minute call to see if what I do as a coach can support you in getting unstuck and moving to where you want to be. You’re worth it!

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Reed Dewey

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