Three Questions to Ask During Times of Transition…

Sometimes transitions are anticipated – and other times, like with COVID or being let go from a job, they happen suddenly.  In either case, change isn’t easy and often brings up feelings of self-doubt and questioning.  It’s how we respond to the challenges that arise that helps us come out the other side stronger – and maybe a little wiser. 

William Bridges, the “father” of transitions thinking writes, “It is when we are in transition that we are most completely alive.”  Part of being alive in being in a place of inquiry.  I’ve found these three questions have been helpful to me and my clients during times of expected and unexpected change:

  1. After a period of sadness, how can I let go of “the story” about what happened?
  2. What experiences, strengths and wisdom do I choose to take with me from my past to create my future?
  3. What step(s) can I commit to taking to explore possibilities and opportunities? 

While our culture enables “going it alone” during hard times, having a spouse or friend who is supportive is important.  Sometimes change triggers negative thinking, a stress response or other feelings/perceptions.  Having  a coach or therapist can help bring clarity to a situation in a way that friends can’t often do.  As a coach, my focus is on helping clients identify what holds them back, then help them decide how to move forward for concrete results.  

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Reed Dewey

Reed is a transitions coach supporting those 50+ to prepare for what's next and turn dreams into reality.