Transitioning With Intention

For most of us, it’s challenging to transition to where we want to go.  It often feels like there are many roadblocks and life situations that get in the way.  I’ve certainly avoided and put off what I knew I needed to do – only to realize the actual task or project wasn’t so hard to do after all.  Maybe this resonates with you.  

Some of the reasons we get stuck with follow through is because life doesn’t usually progress in a smooth and logical way.  The book, Life Is In the Transitions, by Bruce Feiler, emphasizes that life is nonlinear and often not predictable.  Learning how to make it through transitions, Feiler writes, is “a life skill we can and must master.”  See my earlier article outlining Feiler’s seven stages of life transition.

Sometimes We Know What’s Coming 

We all have times that we simply have to react to the challenges that life brings us.  Other times we can see that a change is coming – like leaving one’s main career.  For those times when we know what’s going to happen we CAN prepare for the future.  When I talk with groups, I often use the example of how as students, we spent many years preparing for our futures – to enter the workforce.  How much time do we all spend thinking about and preparing for the retirement years that could be 25% of one’s life? The financial services industry spends billions on advertising promoting the concept of “having enough.”  While having an adequate financial foundation is vital, it’s only the first part of the puzzle. I like to emphasize that money provides the means (security) to the ends (living a happy and fulfilling life).  

Creating A Life Plan

One of the best ways I’ve found to help clients move ahead is through helping them create a life plan that outlines what’s important – along with high level action steps to get there.  It can be a time to step back and reflect on what’s most important and courageously dream about what could be. Reach out to me to learn about my coaching package that includes weekly sessions, numerous tools, and resources to chart one’s journey forward. 

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Reed Dewey

Reed is a transitions coach supporting those 50+ to prepare for what's next and turn dreams into reality.