4 Tips To Get Unstuck

We’ve all been waiting for COVID to end to get on with life. For me, I put off a number of projects and goals during the last 20 months.  None of us are happy with the “new normal” but life goes on.  Being able to adapt and go with the flow is certainly easier than fighting it.  Below are four key tips to get unstuck. I help clients uncover what’s holding them back during times of transition.

WOOP It Up: Research shows that what stops us from getting stuff done are the internal obstacles that get in the way.  Noted positive psychologist Martin Seligman and author of the book Flourish says his WOOP approach (Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, Plan) uses mental contrasting to envision the future and address the obstacles that hold us back.  My WOOP worksheet makes it simple. 

Identify Values:  What’s really important to you right now?  We all get caught up with life, losing track of what really matters to us.  Identifying core values is motivating!  My values worksheets build a foundation for a solid coaching session.

Create A Vision:  With solid values, it’s easier to have an idea of what “floats your boat.”  It takes guts to wish or want something that you may fear you can’t succeed in having.  A coach helps you see what is possible.

Make it Motivating:  A big trap is saying, “I just need to be more disciplined.” Then when we don’t succeed, we beat ourselves with the “stick” of failure.  Try experimenting with positive reinforcement. First, decide on a reward.  When you accomplish your given goal, give yourself that reward! Positive reinforcement works equally well for humans and rats! A coach supports clients in identifying positive rewards to move forward with intention – and success.
You can do this!  I can help. Contact me to share where you want to go and to hear how I work to deliver results.

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Reed Dewey

Reed is a transitions coach supporting those 50+ to prepare for what's next and turn dreams into reality.