Five Fall Tips For Moving Ahead

Fall is my time to look ahead and figure out what’s important.  Below are five tips for moving ahead.  But first, below are a few questions I think about for myself:

  1. What new things do I want to try? 
  2. How do I want to make a contribution?
  3. What goals are most important to me in the next 6 months?

I love working with clients on these kinds of questions – often not easy to answer.  Drop me an email if you’d like to talk about what’s going on for you.

Five Tips for Moving Ahead

These tips are especially good for those of us who are close to or have already left a main career:

  1. Look at all parts of life.  Key in on areas where you want to focus more attention.  Better health? More friends?  Volunteering?  I use a variety of tools to help look at balancing life.  Use this retirement life planning wheel to get ideas (courtesy of the Retirement Coaches Association of which I am a member).
  2. Allow yourself to dream big.  Why not?    As we get older, it can be harder to do. Question assumptions about what’s possible or not.
  3. Look at your values.  What’s really important to you now?  How can you live into your values?
  4. Shore up for finances.  How much financial freedom do you have?  What does this answer mean for future planning?
  5. Get feedback from friends and family.  Those who know you well can provide insights on your ideas for the future.  Also, consider engaging a life planning coach to help sort out how to move ahead with an action plan.

Check out entire website for great resources. Call or text me at 240 454-1992 to set up a time to learn more about how I support people in moving through transitions.

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Reed is a transitions coach supporting those 50+ to prepare for what's next and turn dreams into reality.