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I’ve read many books on retirement and transitions. Below are the ones that are my favorite. Research shows trying to make a life change based solely on reading self-help books is rarely effective. I help clients take ideas and intentions and convert them into actions and sustained life change. Also download my free What’s Next Mid-Life Planner if you haven’t already. It will get you thinking about the broader aspects of what’s next. Feel free to forward these resources to friends and family.  Just Google the title and author to find the book.

Top Books on Retirement (non-financial)

The New Retirementality by Mitch Anthony (2020). A well-organized and well-written book that focuses more on recent retirees. The author also provides research on various aspects of retirement to support next steps.  206 pages.

Retirement Heaven or Hell by Mike Drak (2021). The book covers all the bases with a focus on nine key retirement principles.  A down to earth, easy to read, opinionated, and entertaining book. 281 pages.

Ready To Retire? by Dee Cascio, (2017). Dee’s book is practical and provides a little bit of her own journey.  Good coverage on navigating marriage and retirement along with a useful chapter on leaving a legacy. Dee’s experience as both a therapist and coach brings perspective and insights packed into a well-written 178 pages.

Retirement Reinvention by Robin Ryan (2018). This is more of a traditional “how-to” book containing tools and checklists. It’s less about what’s behind one’s later stage of life and more about life areas to consider in retirement. 282 pages.

Top Books on Life Transitions

Life is in the Transitions by Bruce Feiler (2020). A solid approach to getting through any transition, based on interviews with 100s of people and an extensive review of the research.  Feiler had his own serious life event that triggered writing the book. 352 pages.

Life Reimagined by Richard Leider (2013). A timeless book designed to help anyone going through a transition. Provides a philosophical base, followed by a solid framework and method for moving ahead. Ideal for a person of any age who’s wanting to figure out what’s next. 173 pages.

Maybe I Can Help…

I help clients look at personal values and beliefs that inform and clarify what’s most important to them as they move ahead. Balancing all aspects of life is an ongoing effort with course corrections needed along the way. I support clients in exploring what’s next during times of change. Give me a call to see if I might be a good match with what you’re looking to accomplish.

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