A Good Time to Think about the Future…

Maybe the key these days is to think more about the future.  Here the world is, caught up in the horror of covid-19. It’s hard to get away from all the chatter from friends, media social media and even in our own homes. But research suggests that it’s a good idea to think about the future. We all know eventually this pandemic shall pass.  Allowing us to step back and look at what’s coming up after we get through this time could give a much needed perspective.  

There’s actually a word for it… prospection which means the ability to consider the future.  Humans, I believe, are the only ones who have this talent – for better or worse.  True, my dog Kipper is happy as shit these days with us all home and plenty more times a day to get a good dog butt sniff in.  But he also can’t dream big like you and I. 

Here are the points from an article I read recently that I found helpful.  

Thinking about the future…

  1. Helps us make more prudent decisions.  Why?  It’s about delayed gratification and planning for the long-term.  Think investing in the stock market. 
  2. Motivates us to achieve our goals. Why? Making plans to help move past potential barriers help people reach their goals. The author mentions the useful acronym – WOOP: Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, Plan.
  3. Improves psychological well-being.  Why? Makes sense that planning for the future beings more hope. 
  4. Makes us more kind and generous.  Why?  Helping others during hard times feels good and encourages us to give more. 

Here is the full article by Summer Allen that appeared in Greater Good Magazine.  As always, access my free Midlife Planner along with other curated articles and books at What’s Next Coaching LLC.  Set up a call to learn about coaching and it’s focus on bringing solid  results to your next chapter.

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