There’s A Happiness Curve For Those 50 and Over!

Perhaps you’re familiar with the book, The Happiness Curve by Jonathan Rauch.  It’s a fun read and basically says life gets better starting around age 50.  He writes that as we get older the research shows we shift away from competition and striving for success toward compassion and reframing how we look at life.  We change our expectations about what’s important to us and through that process CAN become happier.   There certainly are benefits to getting older.  Those of us who fight it can have a harder time finding happiness and satisfaction in later life.  As transitions coach I love helping people look at the possibilities that lie ahead.  Read more about Rauch’s 4 action steps that he recommends below.

If someone you know is in a bit of a slump entering later mid-life or retirement they are NOT alone.  It’s a huge transition.  A coach helps smooth the way by using a variety of tools and questions to help clients find the right path for a new life.  My free Midlife Planner provides a good start, but it’s hard to move forward and stay motivated on one’s own.  

Raunch has a number of actions he suggests as one looks ahead.  
You’re OK!  – It’s normal to feel inadequate when we arrive at their 50s and beyond.  Maybe you feel you didn’t accomplish enough up to know or that life feels like a struggle that you can’t get a handle on.  Know, you are NOT alone!  Join the club.
Interrupt the Internal Critics –  These really are the limiting beliefs that get in the way of us being happy.  It could result in us comparing ourselves with others, having regrets and hearing the gremlin voice putting ourselves down.  We can be our own worst critic.
Stay Present  – As we get older many people practice some form of mindfulness.  The amazing thing that I’ve found is how little time it takes to feel a whole lot better.  For many, meditating for even 10 minutes a day brings a calming and peaceful change of pace.  There are many apps to try and Tara Broch’s website with free meditations (donation suggested) is fantastic.
Step, Don’t Leap  – Get out there and as Rauch says, “change things up.”  Try new thoughts and activities to create possibilities in the journey of life. 

Access my free Midlife Planner along with other curated articles and books at What’s Next Coaching LLC. Set up a call with me to learn about coaching and its focus on delivering results for your encore life. I am certified transitions coach and administer a validated retirement tool helping clients move into their next chapter.

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