Is Volunteering in Your Future?

Clients often come to me initially because they want to figure out what kind of volunteer or paid role they’d like to have after leaving their main career.  While it may sound easy, finding the right business or nonprofit that is a good fit takes time. For example, with nonprofits the opportunities to serve range from providing a direct service (like being a mentor) to running a program or serving on a nonprofit’s board. Below are questions to help clarify what you may want in a position. 

  • Do you want one-shot episodic gigs where you get trained on the spot and provide a service – often with others.
  • Do you want to provide direct customer or client service to others?  This can be one-on-one or in a group setting.  If so, is there a population you’d like to help?  (Older people, young adults, children, veterans, families, low-income, etc…)
  • Is there an issue area for which you are passionate about?   (animal welfare, poverty, education, small business, etc…)
  • What expertise do you have that a nonprofit or company needs?  (writing, project management, strategic planning, accounting, fundraising, researching, events, etc…)
  • Would you consider taking on a “pro-bono” project with a nonprofit or how about being a paid consultant? What motivates you most?  1. being and working with others  2.  achieving team results   3.  being a  winner and one who is recognized for success.

These questions are from my resource, “Finding the Best Fit… Paid or Unpaid.”  If you’d like the entire document, contact me.  Also, access my free Midlife Planner along with other curated articles and books at What’s Next Coaching LLC. Set up a call with me to learn about coaching and its focus on delivering results for your encore.  I am certified to administer a validated retirement tool that helps clients determine their readiness for their next chapter.

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Reed Dewey

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