Could An Encore Career Be In Your Future?

Did you know that American workers are retiring at about the same age as in the 1970s, yet are living longer and healthier lives?  At the same time, defined pension plans are mostly a thing of the past.  And our 401Ks, especially now with the market – bring new uncertainty to our financial future.  For many reasons, those of us in our 50s and far beyond are exploring an encore career – that is – a job that isn’t what you’ve done before but fits your skills and interests.  See the link below for great ideas for finding your next encore career.

Some of us get laid off and can’t find another job in our field.  Yes age discrimination is alive and well.  Others decide they’ve had enough of doing the same thing and want a change.  Transitions to an encore career are often based on necessity while others enjoy working more to stay busy, be with people and make a contribution. 

I highly suggest this US News and World Report article on how to find your ideal encore career.  The article has great suggestions on how to approach this next work phase.  While one might not be making as much as you once did, an encore job might be a way forward that works.

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Reed Dewey

Reed is a transitions coach supporting those 50+ to prepare for what's next and turn dreams into reality.