Core services are designed to help clients explore the many areas of life transition including encore careers, work-life balance, life meaning, social/family/couple, and physical health. The goal is to provide a safe place to explore dreams and ideas, then transition to specific actionable steps for personal success. Sometimes limiting beliefs and assumptions get in the way of fully living life. Coaching helps free up possibilities.

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Individual Coaching:

Reed specializes in helping clients with midlife transitions. Through regularly scheduled phone or video sessions, Reed works with clients to determine where they want to invest energy and what they want to accomplish. Individual coaching can include coaching on specific areas where a client may feel stuck, or in helping clients holistically look at their next life chapter. Reed helps clients identify and clarify goals and create an action plan to overcome obstacles and achieve results.

Through the validated Life Options Profile™ find out about your retirement readiness in six life arenas: Career/Work, Health/Wellness, Finance/Insurance, Family/Relationships, Leisure/Social and Personal Development.

Couples Coaching:

In working with couples, Reed helps couples coordinate and discuss thoughts, feelings, and expectations about retirement with a focus on solutions. The transition of both partners being at home can be challenging yet also open up opportunities for growth.

What's Next Seminar - with LifeOptions Profile™ (3 hours + time for self assessment)

In Person - For Businesses, Nonprofits and Community Groups

Prior to meeting, participants complete an online profile assessing their retirement readiness across 20 lifestyle and attitudinal dimensions in six life arenas: career and work, health and wellness, finance and insurance, family and relationships, leisure and social, and personal development. The tool was developed by Richard P. Johnson, Ph.D., a world expert in nonfinancial planning through Retirement Options™. The tool is only licensed to certified coaches. The LifeOptions Profile™ reveals powerful insights about retirement lifestyle issues that are easily presented and discussed in group or classroom settings. The Profile provides individuals with a personal, practical and relevant self-portrait of lifestyle needs and insights for future planning.

This three-hour workshop is interactive and balanced with solid practical information, planning exercises, time for reflection and opportunities to share and hear from other participants. Numerous take-away resources are provided. Upon completion of the online assessment individuals receive:

  • A personalized Profile Report Results that indicates areas of preparedness and identifies gaps providing a functional blueprint for retirement planning and transition.
  • The 169 page book, What Color is Your Retirement, by Richard Johnson, Ph.D. This companion publication to the LifeOptions Profile™ is a guidebook to plan next steps. It's full of research and wisdom that helps readers make a smooth transition.
  • Action plan for each participant.

The LifeOptions Profile™ For Individuals:

The LifeOptions Profile™ can also be given on an individual basis and includes the Profile report results, two coaching/interpretation sessions, and the book, What Color is Your Retirement for $295. Learn about Retirement Options™, a leader in the non-financial retirement planning sector.

Presentation: Living the Life You Want* *But Were Afraid to Ask For

Geared for community/civic groups. Reed provides an engaging and fun introductory 20-30 minute presentation on midlife transitions for employees and/or members of companies, government, clubs, and faith communities. Contact Reed to learn more.

What's Next Explorer Course:

This five-week live video program provides a cost-effective way for a group of participants to learn about midlife transitions. It is facilitated by What's Next principal, Reed Dewey. Participants take the LifeOptions Profile™ assessment, and learn what their results mean, along with reading the insightful book What Color Is Your Retirement by Richard Johnson, Ph.D., a leader in the field. The course includes one private coaching session in addition to the five week seminar. Participants learn from each other, explore numerous topics and end with a supportive peer community and actionable transition plan.

Next Steps: Click here to schedule a free initial 45 minute discovery session or to contact me about workshops or presentations.