Break it Down & Turn it Around

Maybe you’re like me – longer term life goals seem far off and not easily attainable. Taking smaller steps and having mini successes has been helpful to me… and for my clients. The farther out one plans, the harder it is to follow through on desired goals/actions. Many of us have a hard time knowing …

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Let Family Inform Your Future

Perhaps you’re like me. This time of year triggers introspection about what’s important in life – especially  moving forward. I am passionate about how our generation has the chance to live our later years with even more life satisfaction and meaning than our parents did.   Given this is a “family” time of year, let me …

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From Status Quo to Status GO!

You may find yourself staying in the same job or life situation even though you have bigger dreams. Below are tips and resources to move from status quo to status GO! While transitioning to later life brings opportunity, it also challenges us to step into new ways of being. I’ve also included one of my …

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4 Tips To Get Unstuck

We’ve all been waiting for COVID to end to get on with life. For me, I put off a number of projects and goals during the last 20 months.  None of us are happy with the “new normal” but life goes on.  Being able to adapt and go with the flow is certainly easier than …

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Time To Take Action?

We’re often too hard on ourselves. We’ve survived these past epic times of isolation, not seeing smiles in public, fear of getting sick and much more.  If you were lucky enough not to endure the loss of a loved one, why has it been hard to snap back now that you’ve been vaccinated?  You might …

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